Timko Makine

Cut-to-Length Lines

Cut-to-length lines are known as machine lines that make it possible to cut coiled sheets at the desired level and size. Coils can be cut very smoothly in line with these machines, which makes it possible for cut-to-length lines to occupy a special position in the industrial sector. There are different machines in the cut-to-length line and these machines make it easier to cut sheets of different sizes.

It is possible to state that the cut-to-length lines in the industrial sector have a very functional place in the sector. The functions and features of the cut-to-length line reveal that these products are very important.

What is Cut-To-Length Line?

As it is known, there are various equipments for the correct and easy cutting of sheets of different sizes. Within the scope of the question of what is a cut-to-length line, it is possible to say that the cut-to-length line is the machine line that makes it possible to cut the sheets to the desired size.

It is known that highly professional and high quality cut-to-length lines are very important and have a critical function at the point of cutting the coiled sheets to the desired size. Cut-to-length lines within various machines make it easier to cut rolls in the industrial field, and for this reason, they are preferred. The functions and process steps of roll cutting lines can be listed as follows:

  • Trouble-free unrolling of the roll
  • Performing straightening and straightening processes after the sheet is opened
  • Cutting the rolls to the desired size
  • Completing the processes by making it ready with the automatic stacker

Thanks to the steps listed above, coil sheets can reach the desired size in a short time and effortlessly.

Machines Included in the Cut-To-Length Line

The machines included in the length cutting line can be listed as follows:

  • Uncoiler
  • Sheet ironing and straightening
  • Sheet straightening machine
  • Guillotine scissors
  • Sheet loop trough
  • Plate sheet stacking unit
  • Paper rewinder and pvc coating machine
  • Packaging
  • Sheet ironing and straightening

Each of the above machines is within the scope of cut-to-length line machines, and with these machines, coil sheets can be cut in the desired size and order, and thus, roll cutting operations are carried out without any problems.