Timko Makine

Multiple Cut-to-Length Lines

Multi-length cutting lines are one of the most important products needed in the industrial field in terms of the features they have, which enable the coiled sheets to be cut to the desired length and width. The multi-length cutting line, which stands out with its functional features, is produced with different features and is offered to customers in the best form and quality.

Multi-length cutting lines, which make it possible to easily, simply and functionally bring the desired size and length of coiled sheets, stands out as one of the products that has found a special place in the industry. But what exactly is this multi-length cutting line and what features does it have?

What are Multiple Cut-to-Length Lines?

The question of what are multi-length cutting lines makes it possible to understand what machines stand out with their functionality and in which areas they are used. It is a necessity to cut the coiled sheets, which are used in many fields and used in the production of various materials, in the desired length and size in an easy and simple way.

The multi-length cutting line, which is produced with different features in order to carry out these operations in a time-saving manner, makes it possible to cut the coil sheets to the desired length and size and to carry out these operations in a very short time. Due to these features, it is known that multi-length cutting lines have a very important position in the industrial sector.

Multiple Cut-to-Length Lines Function

It is known that within the scope of the function of multi-roll cut-to-length lines, multi-roll cut-to-length lines enable easy and desired cutting of roll lines with different lengths and weights.

Multiple Cut-to-Length Lines Features 

There are many features that make it possible for multi-cut-to-length lines to have a functional quality, and the features of multi-cut-to-length lines can be listed as follows:

  • It consists of quality, robust and durable units.
  • It enables the roll to be professionally unrolled, straightened and cut to the desired size.
  • Allows easy cutting of sheets of different thickness
  • The width and weight of the coil are determined, enabling quick and easy cutting of coil sheets in the specified range.

Each of the above features is what makes it possible for multiple cut-to-length lines to take on a functional character.