Timko Makine

Slitting Line

Thanks to the Timko Slice Line, which offers high quality, high precision and superior performance, we enable you to cut your rolls in the strips you want. It is possible with TIMKO to work on different types of aluminum and steel sheets, regardless of usage areas such as coated, carbon or all special materials. Without having to worry about problems such as the weight of your working conditions, the abundance of your orders or defective production; Benefit from Timko’s quality. Because Timko not only enables you to make the best mass production with multi-length cutting lines, where you can use slitting lines, but also has the best quality and aims to leave a mark in the sector!

Achieve Superior Performance with Timko Slitting Lines

In order to make your coil sheets narrower and to achieve perfect dimensions, as Timko Makine, we carry out productions that are completely in line with customer needs. In this direction, we aim to achieve superior performance in sectors such as automotive, electric motor laminations or hose clamps and ensure that you meet your customer demands in the best way possible. In short; With Timko Slitting Lines that you can use on different materials starting from 0.3 mm and up to 10 mm, suitable for heavy working conditions, you can ensure that your brand is rooted and strong.

Get Quality Coils with Quality Slitting Lines

The first point you will consider in a quality slitting line is to have the appropriate level of precision. Because if the slitting lines, which allow you to have narrower tape sizes, do not have the necessary precision, disruptions in production will not leave you behind. As Timko team, we produce quality slitting lines in accordance with customer demands such as weight and length. In this way, we enable you to cut your coil sheets into narrower bands than normal and obtain quality products, with slitting lines suitable for heavy working conditions with maximum precision.

Timko Machinery is the Best in the Industry

Timko Machinery; It enables you to get the highest efficiency in slitting lines with its automatic burr runners, blade locking and programmable blade alignment system, without human touch. In addition, it is one of the important companies that has made a successful journey with the brands it has served and has gained a place in the sector. If you want to put your brand in such a good position, get maximum results from your productions and go through your production process smoothly, you can have the best with Timko slitting lines.