Timko Makine

Spiral Pipelines

Hot Rolled Coil is connected to the opener. The opened band is first straightened, its edges are smoothed by milling and brought to the desired joining geometry. More


Then, the sheet metal band is applied to the forming unit at a certain angle to provide suitable welding gap at the joining edges. It is cut into desired lengths with the help of plasma cutting after it has been welded internally and externally with the submerged arc welding method to form a pipe.

Welding control is done on line with automatic ultrasonic testing method. Welding dust and slag accumulated in the pipe during welding are cleaned and fluoroscopic observation is applied for spiral welding control along with visual control.

The pipe end straightening and beveling machine provides the necessary end form for joining. Each pipe is also subjected to Hydrostatic testing. At the last point, the quality control of each pipe is completed by making X-ray radiography observation in the weld area.